About Us

Aquafeatures has a genuine passion for water gardens that are truly unique. With a creative, artistic approach and 30 years of hands-on experience, Aquafeatures will design and professionally install a water garden, koi pond or water feature for your home or commercial property.


Our knowledge and awareness of the eco-system enables us to provide you with a water garden or koi pond that essentially takes care of itself over longer periods of time. Pond cleaning is of utmost importance to the health of your pond’s eco-system and also helps to maintain the durability of pumps and lighting. 

Relieve Stress Naturally

Relieve Stress Naturally with the soothing sound of a trickling waterfall or the rush of solitude from a sheer decent or fountain spray. Find relief from noisy traffic and neighbors. Relax as you lay at the waters edge. Watch the flutter of butterflies and the red dragonflies drawing near.


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